Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am so excited!!

Obesity Help, which is my online weightloss support group is holding one of it's yearly conferences in Costa Mesa, California from May 21-22. I will be at the Costa Mesa Hilton from May 21-23. In addition to guest speakers, reconstructive surgery consults, vendors and Q & A sessions, there will be a Fashion Show on Saturday night. I am the coordinator for the show. Not only that, but I will be IN the fashion show. I am soo excited, both as the coordinator and as a participant. I will have my laptop at the hotel and will be doing updates throught the weekend, so stay tuned!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Okay, it's been 7 months...Time for an update

Well, not a lot has happened in the divorce department. We are at a stalemate of sorts, since I'm not currently working and he can't pay all the bills without the money I put in from my social security disability. I am still looking for work, but may have to leave California to find work. The employment situation in California really sux. I have been offered a place to stay with friends in Washington State, but until I get the braces on my teeth removed, I can't leave Cali.

And then the head games began with the husband. He started acting like he no longer wanted the divorce and was getting all touchy feely about a week before Valentine's Day. We have given in to 'mutual enjoyment' At least that was how I saw it. No sex. He tried to make more out of it and when I told him how I felt, he got mad. He started saying that it seemd like I wanted the divorce more than he did. I told him to wait a minute and back that truck up. I told HIM that he's the who said he wanted a divorce back in September. He then replied that he never said he wanted a divorce, that he was 'thinking about it'. I then told him he was full of crap. That he needed to talk to ALL 'our' friends, his mom and our landlord, then come back and tell me that he didn't say he wanted a divorce. Then he corrected himself and said that he didn't 'remember' saying he wanted a divorce. For 5 months I had been using phrases like 'when we divorce' or 'after the divorce', things like that and not once did he EVER correct me. Now five months later he pulls this crap on me. I told him that even if he no longer wanted the divorce, I did. I refuse to live in fear of being kicked out, of being threatened with divorce when he doesn't get what he wants, when he wanted it (mainly sex). After years of being threatened with divorce, I told him to be very sure that's what he wanted, because there was no going back. I told him that in September, I told him that in February and I told him that again in April when he came to and informed me that he had shredded the divorce papers and was leaving it in God's hands. He told me that the fate of our marriage was now in my hands. I looked at him and said 'uh uh, the fate of our marriage was in your hands once you said you wanted a divorce'. So, we are still at a stalemate.

I will try to update on what's going on with me more often.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!