Sunday, October 7, 2012

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To celebrate 10,000 friends on her blog, Eggface is doing an AWESOME giveaway. You can check it out here:, but you only have until Midnight Pacific time to enter. So go enter now!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Enter the Eggface Goody Bag Giveaway!!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


ELIZABETH AUSTIN SPECIAL EVENT Many of you already know that Elizabeth Austin has been fighting Lymes Disease for over a year. What most people don’t know is how devastating Lymes is. Here is a link if you wish to learn more.

Uninsured Liz’s medical bills are mounting. That being said, we are hoping to be able to assist Liz by offering this very special Elizabeth Austin tube; HOPE and beautiful scrap kit, KEEP THE FAITH by Leigh Penrod of Heart Felt Perfections.

How it works::: Donate a minimum of $2.00 directly to Liz via PayPal as a gift to: Send us the receipt to with HOPE in the subject line. We will deposit HOPE into your account. For each $2.00 you donate you have one entry into a drawing. Once Liz receives $300.00 we will randomly draw one lucky winner to get the original painting HOPE!!!! In addition everyone will get as a special thank you this beautiful PU kit created just for Liz, we will send you a code to download at Heartfelt Perfections.

In addition, all of ELIZABETH AUSTIN’S tubes are on sale 10% the entire month of April! We also have a blinkie for your blog and appreciate that you display it. We will send it to you when we hear from you after your donation. Thank you all for participating, it means so much to Liz to know there is HOPE if YOU KEEP THE FAITH. Feel free to add Liz as a friend on Facebook Also please share this with your friends!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Anniversary of 9/11

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the fall of the World Trade Center Towers and those who lost their lives, Tribal FM has set up a Memorial page in conjunction with three charities, to raise money for those charities. We are hoping to raise at least $1000.00. Every little bit helps.
To view the Memorial page, go here: .
To donate, go here: .

Please help Tribal FM help these charities/foundations.

Thank you in advance and God bless.
In Memorium

Growing up as the daughter of missionaries in Japan and the West Indies, Wendy Faulkner always knew what it meant to be poor. Even after she became a successful businesswoman and settled in Mason, Ohio, she would regularly pack up boxes of clothing and send them to orphans and poor children whose names had passed on to her by her parents.
"She spent thousands of dollars, but no one even knew she did it," said her husband of 21 years, Lynn Faulkner. "I know she put at least one kid all the way through school."

In fact, some of her friends did not even know she was a vice president at Aon, with people working for her in several countries, because she rarely talked about it. Several thought she was a stay-at-home mom because she spent so much time with her two daughters, her husband said.

Yet she often traveled to New York and other cities, and on Sept. 11 she was attending a one-day meeting at Aon's offices in the World Trade Center.

To continue her legacy of helping children in the third world, her family has established a nonprofit group, the Wendy Faulkner Memorial Children's Foundation.

New York Firefighter Lieutenant David J Fontana was one of 343 firefighters that died while helping to rescue about 28,000 people from the World Trade Center following the attacks of September 11, 2001. Dave was 37. He left behind his widow, Marian, and his son, Aidan, who was five.

Dave belonged to Squad Company 1, a fire station house at 788 Union Street in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn whose firefighters are specially trained to tackle the most difficult and dangerous of fires and other emergencies. Twelve of the 27 men of Squad 1 were killed on September 11. Only 15 men in the squad survived.

Dave died on his eighth wedding anniversary. Such was his love for the fire department that, in 1993, Dave insisted that he and Marian be wed on September 11. This way their anniversary would be “nine one one” – the phone number for contacting the fire department or other emergency service.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


No, I'm not That would be a miracle since I had a total hysterectomy in 2003.

It was announced today that I am the new promotion manager for . I've known for almost a week, but was told to keep it under wraps. It was announced during out monthly meeting today. I was so excited. Please chrck us out. We have awesome DJs who play all kinds of music.

My show times typically are:

Wednesday: 10:00am - 2:00pm Pacific time

Thursday: 11:00am - 2:30pm Pacific time

Friday: 11:00am - 3:00pm Pacific time

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who I am...

I served at FishFest in Irvine, California yesterday and was asked by two companies to post my testimony to their websites, which got me to thinking about WHO I am. Please read below.

*I am a three time suicide Survivor
*I am a Survivor of rape, incest and molestation
*I am a Survivor of physical domestic abuse/violence.
(verbal and emotional abuse won't end until I move out)
These things do not define me as a person, nor as a woman:
Positive words that have been used to define or describe me: Strong, Intelligent, Funny, Loving, Friendly, Helpful, Courageous.
Unkind words that have been used to describe me (mostly by the man I am married to):
bitch, slut, whore, attention whore. He resorts to these names during fights. And, thinks it's ok, or will say that he never called me those names. Maybe next time, I'll record a fight so he can deny the name calling.
I thank God that I have the strength and grace to rise above the name calling, knowing that I am none of those vile, disgusting names. And that a man could ever call a woman those name, especially one he is married to, is just an all-around sad situation.
So, I am setting up an 'escape plan'. I am looking for a job and as soon as I find one and get back on my feet financially, I will be moving out. Or, since he no longer wants to live here, I will speak to the owner and see what I can work out with him.
And I know that my soon-to-be-ex husband is probably monitoring my blog, but that's fine. I have nothing to hide.
Until another time, Peace out!

Friday, June 10, 2011


He informed me last night that he will not be filing for divorce. I guess it doesn't matter what I want. He's the one who said he wanted the divorce. I told him there was NO going back. I meant it. Just because he's decided to make changes almost 2 years later, that's doesn't change my mind in the whole situation. If he won't file, then i will when I start working , move out and can afford to file. I have dreams of my own that I want to pursue and I won't allow anyone to hold me back or put me down any longer.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things that make you go, hmmmm....

Ok, so he came home from the men's retreat and we started fighting. I told him that calling me a WHORE was unacceptable. He said he didn't call me a whore. I told him that whether it was a sexual whore or an attention whore, a whore is a whore and I'm neither of those. I refuse to be in a relationship like this anymore! He may not be physically abusing me, but verbal and emotional abuse is just as bad, if not worse. And what's funny is that he can start it, but as soon as I begin to respond, he says HE's not doing this and retreats to the garage. He can dish it out but he can't take it. I'm not going to just sit back and let him treat me like crap.
He also paid for the oil to be changed in my car since he no longer wants to do it for me. He is also helped me out of a financial bind. Now I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Whenever he does something for me, there are always hidden strings attached. When he helps me, if he wants something later and I say no, then I get the, 'I did this, I did that for you'. That's why I don't ask him to do anything for me anymore.
Oh, and he’s been listening to this marriage series thru Horizon Church in San Diego, California. I've been listening with him and it's quite interesting. But if he thinks that him listening to them and changing his attitude and behavior now is going to keep me from still wanting the divorce, he is sadly mistaken. I told him in 2009 when he said that he wanted the divorce that he'd better be sure it what he wants, because there was NO going back. I still feel the same way almost 2 years later.
I had an appointment with the Department of Rehab on June 1st and since I am considered permanently disabled, I qualify for job placement or education services. I am hoping that they can pay for college so that I can at least get my A.A. in business. And hopefully it'll come with some money every month. If it's enough to get caught up on bills, I will move out...even if I have to rent a room from someone.
Below are two of my favorite quotes lately:
"Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you imagined." ~Henry David Thoreau
My marriage is the past. I am looking forward to the future and what new adventures I can find.
"How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours." ~Wayne Dyer~
I am going to no longer react when the ex (yes, I can him the ex even though no papers have been filed) begins a fight and gets hurtful. I will rise above it and take the high road. The attitude will be all on him.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Le Sigh

Let's see if this works now. I have only been trying to post since May 14th. Seems there was a compatibility issue with IE9. Seems to have been fixed now.
ok, let's try this again...…I am finally able to decompress from the fight with the soon to be ex husband that happened on Mother's Day and the ensuing week. The fight degenerated into name calling by him. Mainly calling me a whore three times. I am NOT a whore! I have never cheated on him, no matter what he thinks or says. But he ALWAYS reverts to name calling when there is a fight. Have I done things in the past that I'm not proud of? Absolutely! Who hasn't? But when someone says they forgive you, you expect that to be the end of it. Not with him. He lied. He never has forgiven me, and he brings it up just about everytime we fight. Well, I am NOT apologizing for the things I've done in the past anymore. And I told him so. I confessed my sins to God and that's all that matters. I am forgiven, because I am a child of God. And the ironic thing is that he is at our church's mens' retreat this weekend. LOL Bet he's not confessing any of this to the pastor. It's now his problem, not mine. I refuse to engage in warfare with someone who plays unfairly by threatening to take the internet, electricity, etc., away from me because he knows that I can't afford it on my own. I am on permanent disability and he likes to use the fact that I have no money as a way of 'control'. Anyway, this weekend I'm FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
LOL…I had a group interview on thursday (5/12) with an adult active living home. It's a beautiful place. The position is a concierge/receptionist position. It's a part time position which may eventually become full time. I think it would be a great fit with my skills and personality. I was the only one of the interviewees to interact with any of the residents before the inteview. And the house dog loved me. She is a Schnauzer named Gina. She is soooo pretty. She came over, wanting me to pet her, so I did and then she laid by my chair for the majority of the interview. Hmmm, I think she cast her vote for The interview process will take about 2 weeks, so I hope I get called back for a second interview.
Update on the job: I didn't get the second interview.
So on today (5/14), I am going to see my uncle for the first time since I had the surgery on my jaw in January, and had the braces removed in March. I think it's going to be really good for both of us. He sounded really good tonight.
On sunday (5/15) I have church, whether physically or online. Then I am filling in for 2 DJs on Tribal FM @ , as they are taking the day/night off. I love DJing for Tribal FM. Check us out!…I guess that's it for now. I will try to update more often.