Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weightloss Surgery and the Broken ankle...

For those that don't know, I had Gastric Bypass Surgery on April 29, 2008. I thought I was getting enough water and protein in, but I wasn't. So here's what happened:

Ok, so I broke my ankle in 2 places on June 11th. It all started on tuesday night. I got up to turn the light off in the bedroom to go to bed and I became dizzy and fell, thank God the bedroom is carpeted. I wan't so lucky the next day. I got up from the couch to make a protein drink, became dizzy again and fell in the kitchen, which is tiled. I got up fine, but had a hard time walking on my right leg. When Matthew got home, he took me to urgent care at Kaiser. I found out that I broke my ankle in two places. They put me in a 3-sided splint and sent me home with crutches, which I am NOT getting a long with. The morning after I was put in a 3-sided splint, took one hop on the crutches and fell backward into my nightstand and then hit the floor. It took 2 hours to get me off the floor because I couldn't put any preassure on my right foot and I couldn't get on my knees because of the 90 degree angle the splint has my foot in. So Matthew got one of the neighbors to help him get me off the floor and thanx to our neighbor's girlfriend's mother, I now have a wheelchair. I feel so much Better and so much safer. Crutches are EVIL!!! lol

So I went back to Ortho on June 24th and they took the splint off my leg. The doc looked at my ankle and sent me to x-ray for new films. Went back to see the doc and he said the bones in my ankle hadn't moved in the past two weeks, which was a good thing. I don't need a plate and screws (surgery) at this point. So they put me in a short cast that goes from about an inch below my knee to my toes. I have to go back to Ortho in 3 weeks for another set of x-rays to see how the progress is going. I can't put any pressure on my ankle/foot at all, or the bones may move causing me to have to have surgery. So, it looks like I'll be in the wheelchair until this whole ordeal is over with. *le sigh*

I saw WLS surgeon on June 25th and he said that I am doing great. No lecture on the broken ankle. He said he's had patients that have done the same thing regarding water and protein. I am down 43.5 lbs. since surgery and 53.5lbs down from my highest weight. Dr. Zorn said that I am where I should be. I was concerned that I hadn't lost enough in 2 months, but he said I am doing fine and gave me some tips for chair exercises. I go back to see him in 2 months. =)

So I went to Kaiser July 16th and had the old cast taken off, x-rays done and saw the PA. The ankle is doing well after being off of it for the past 5 weeks. I was hoping that they would put a walking cast on me today, but no such luck. I am back in a short cast for another 3 1/2 weeks. Ugh! After that, they may put me in a walking cast. I am so sick of being at home in a wheelchair, not walking, not driving, not going where I want, when I want. I am going stir crazy!!! Grrrrr!!!

So, I got the cast off and new x-rays were taken on August 11th. The ankle is healing fine, but not enough to where I can bear any weight on it. The have me in a Cam Boot which I can take off several times a day and for showering (thank God!!!). I am soooo over taking sponge baths. I can drive (without the boot), but will have to be in a wheelchair any other time. I go back to Ortho on Sept. 8th. Ugh! I wish this thing would heal already!

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